This Brazil decaf is smooth and balanced with graham and chocolate. It is a high end, specialty coffee from the Mogiana region 925 to 1200 meters above sea level. It is an exquisite coffee and decaffeinated using a Natural Water Process versus a chemical process. This particular bean is a fresh harvest crop which assures just the right amount of moisture inside the bean for the Roaster to work with. During the roast process, a cracking noise can be heard, similar to the popping of popcorn. That cracking noise is caused by the moisture heating and expanding at about 10 minutes into the roast. As a craft roaster we listen for this cracking, then back the heat down, slowing the roast and caramelizing that sweet moisture inside the coffee beans - similar to how a chef slows the heat down on onions to makes them sweet. Our coffee has a lovely rich flavor, nicely balanced and with natural chocolate notes. Each batch of this Brazil Decaf is roasted and packaged by hand to assure only the best quality coffee carries our label.