Ongoing Fundraiser

Why do a FIGHT COFFEE fundraiser?

  1. We offer nonprofits and fundraisers an additional way to allow their supporters to fund their cause.  Unlike most fundraisers that come to an end, our Ongoing Fundraiser, provides a monthly income stream that continues for as long as your supporters participate!  In addition to supporting your nonprofit or group, money will also go to fund the fight against human trafficking, so our fundraisers are win-win-win! 
  2. Our coffee is 100% Arabica Specialty Grade delicious.  And it's one of the most consumed beverages on the planet!
  3. Our coffee is responsibly sourced.  Of the estimated 12.5 million coffee-producing small farms, 44% earn below the poverty line, and a far greater percent do not earn a living income.  When you buy FIGHT COFFEE, you not only say “no” to businesses that profit from exploitation, you say “yes” to being part of the solution in the fight against human trafficking!

Choose from one (or all!) of the following participation options.

In-Person Fundraiser

Events and holidays are a great time to participate in this fundraiser. 

This short term event is available once per year. 

Group Order

Money saved on shipping enables us to give 2X or 3X more to fund the fight against human trafficking!

Online Fundraiser

A great option for those who are not local but want to participate.

Everyone who continues to support your cause with our Ongoing Fundraiser can do so every time they place an order!  

Get Started

Coffee is a 100+ billion dollar industry.  Let's redirect profits from those monthly purchases to support your cause and ours!

For more info or to get started, contact Anthony at