We are a brand new business which is so exciting! What’s not so exciting are the inevitable growing pains. So...if you experience any problems with our website or anything else, please contact us so we can fix what needs fixin’ and make it right! 


We exist to raise awareness about human trafficking and to give 100% of our profits to fund the fight.


We value the sanctity of all human life, justice, community, honesty, integrity, transparency, hard work, the pursuit of excellence, faith, hope and unconditional love.


FIGHT COFFEE CLUBS are a great way for students to raise awareness on their campuses and to raise funds for local organizations that fight human trafficking.  Learn More: 

FIGHT PARTIES are a great way for anyone to engage with the community in homes, the workplace and public spaces.  Learn More: 


When we say “100% of profits,” we mean what’s left over after normal business expenses are deducted from all the income we derive from our coffee and merchandise sales.


We only source 100% Arabica Specialty Grade coffees. They’re more expensive than most conventional coffee to ensure more money is paid to the farmers. Our multigenerational importing partner has established decades long relationships with growers and exporters throughout the world.


Q: Why did we choose our roasters?

A: As an online biz selling nationwide, we needed a commercial roaster who could handle large volume and scale

A: Being centrally located in the US serves to lower our shipping costs within the continental U.S.

A: Responsibly sourced coffee is important to us...and them! Several years ago, they were in Honduras and met women farmers who are survivors of domestic violence. Our roasters told them when they got back to the states, they would sell their coffee. They not only sell their coffee, but give fifty cents per bag to orgs that work with survivors of domestic violence. This is a major reason we chose our roasters. They get it! They care enough to actually do something!
Note: For those concerned about this issue, check out our blog about Fair Trade & Organic coffee

A: One more thing. With 40+ years of combined experience, these guys know how to roast really good coffee! Of course the proof, as they say, “is in the puddin’.”


Follow us on YouTube to track with us as we grow, meet survivors as well as those who work with and rescue them.  Learn about coffee, human trafficking, FIGHT COFFEE CLUBS, FIGHT PARTIES and more!


Because transparency is very important to us, we have two business advisors who have 24/7 access to our account information. We also have Lambrides & Associates as our independent bookkeeping firm.


As an L3C dedicated to serving the community, we are eligible to receive grants from private foundations that are required to give away five percent.

Meet Our Founder & CEO

Anthony’s childhood abuse led to substance abuse and homelessness before graduating from H.S.  Having overcome a life of self-destruction, he is motivated to help others find the same love, hope and healing that he has experienced.